Triphenyl Phosphate

High quality Triphenyl Phosphate is offered by us that has been used as a plasticizer in automobile upholstery, as a fireproofing agent, as a noncombustible substitute for camphor in celluloid, and for impregnating roofing paper. It has been used widely as a flame retardant and plasticizer. It has been used as a flame retardant for a variety of materials, including electronic equipment, PVC and hydraulic fluids. It has been added as a flame retardant to a variety of products, such as foam used in upholstered furniture. The offered Triphenyl Phosphate is made for use in the various industries. 

Chemical Name: Triphenyl Phosphate
State: Solid
Chemical Formula: C18H15O4P
Molecular Weight: 326.29
CAS No.: 115-86-6

Characteristics TEST METHOD Specifications
Appearance VISUAL White flakes.

Color (Hazen)

 ASTM D -1045 (86) 50 max.

Melting Point

IS :5762:1970 47.5 min.

Acidity as(H3PO4) w/w

ASTM D -1613 0.005 % max.
Specific Gravity At 60°C  ASTM D-1045 1.268
Free Phenols as % w/w G L C 0.05
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