About Us

Tina Organics Pvt. Ltd (TOPL) was founded in 2008 (formerly known as Plasticizers & Allied Chemicals) to meet the growing demand of Non halogenated phosphate esters as against the halogenated (Chlorinated and Brominated) plasticizers cum flame retardants.

TINA ORGANICS with an entrepreneurial spirit of our founder, Lalit Jain and his core values of honesty, integrity, dedication, unflinching quest for development, human respect and responsibility to all have transformed INDIA from an Importer to Exporter of phosphate esters in a big way.

For all these years our technicians and workers with their dedication research and development have delivered the critical oil additives & plasticizers to Indian Industry and to the world around.

Our plant and facilities are ISO certified for quality and environment. We look after our people and people around us with care and responsibility.