Torgs FRHF 46B is a high performance phosphate ester self-extinguishing fire resistant hydraulic fluid. Torgs FRHF 46B is TXP-free.

Torgs FRHF 46B has been evaluated under stringent tests for fire resistance such, Compared to other types of synthetic or mineral fire resistant fluids, Torgs FRHF 46B shows a much higher ignition temperature and is very difficult to ignite. If ignited the flame will self extinguish.

Torgs FRHF 46B is formulated from specially purified phosphate base stocks and additives providing improved oxidation stability and lubrication properties. Physical properties such as foaming, air release and demulsibility are controlled to meet the limits specified by turbine manufacturers.

Features and Benefits

Features Advantages and Potential Benefits
High ignition temperature and self extinguishing capability  approved by FM Approvals Preferred choice in applications where fire safety is critical
TXP-free formulation Compliance with  future  safety,  health  and  environment regulations
Excellent oxidation resistance Helps to extend oil life
Excellent anti-wear properties Helps to extend component life


  • Electro-hydraulic governor control systems of steam turbines.
  • Hydraulic and oil circulation systems operating in conditions of fire hazards.
  • Gas turbines, turbo-compressors, reactor coolant pumps and generators.

Special precautions should be taken when using Torgs FRHF 46B regarding

  • System operating temperatures: normal system temperature should be between 50 and 60 C to avoid water condensation and local spot temperatures should be kept below 150C,
  • Flushing procedure when replacing petroleum oils, conventional soluble emulsions, water in oil emulsions or water glycol fluids,
  • Compatibility with elastomers (for example, Torgs FRHF 46B is not recommended for use with Neoprene, nitrile and silicon materials but compatible with seals and hose materials such as butyl rubber and Viton),

Compatibility with paints, enamels and varnishes (for example, Torgs FRHF 46B is not recommended for acrylic, latex and phenolic resin paints but compatible for example with epoxy type paints).

Properties and Specifications 

Grade 46 B
Kinematic Viscosity  40C mm 2/s, ISO 3104 46.5
Flash Point, Cleveland Open Cup, C, ISO 2592 260
Foam Sequence II, Tendency, ml, ISO6247 15
Foam Sequence II, Stability, ml, ISO6247 0
Foam Sequence II, Stability, ml, ISO6247 5
Total Acid Number mgKOH/g, ISO 6619 0.05
Water, wt %, ISO 760 0.08
Chlorine, ppm, ISO 15597 6
Appearance, Visual Clear
Particle Count, Rating, ISO 4406 21/19/16

Health and safety

Health and Safety recommendations for this product can be found on the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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