Fire Retardant Chemical (Organic Ester)


FIRESAFE HFDU 68 is an ester-based, high-performance and fire hydraulic fluid.

FIRESAFE HFDU 68 is designed for hydraulic equipments operating  in locations comprising a fire risk, such as iron and steelworks (coking plants, blast furnaces, continuous casting), mines, etc... The use of FIRESAFEHFDU 68 lessens the serious risks presented by recourse to a mineral oil on the occasion of rupture of a hose or when a leak gives rise to oil mist, in the immediate vicinity of a flame, a part in the process of melting or a switch cupboard.

FIRESAFE HFDU 68 is especially recommended when there is the possibility of contamination of waters : offshore, mines.

With its considerable fire resistance properties, and associated exceptional lubricating properties which guarantee a substantial reduction in wear and therefore a longer service life of the hydraulic components.

High flash point and high auto ignition temperature. Low pour-point providing good performances at low temperature.

Very high natural viscosity index, guaranteeing a viscosity constantly adapted to the temperature range in which the fluid must be used.

Very good anticorrosion properties in relation to ferrous and non-ferrous metals making up a hydraulic circuit.

Very good oxidation stability: enhanced service life. The product is not expected to produce adverse effects on health.

Product Details



Packaging Type




Physical State


1 Type DGMS approved FRHF-HFDU-68
2 Appearance Amber Colour
3 Flash Point, as per IS:1448 (P.09)- 310°C
4 Pour Point as per IS: 1448 (P-10)- 36°C
5 Kinematic Viscosity at 40°C (CST) as per IS : 1448 (P-25) 68-74
6 Kinematic viscosity at 100°C (CST) as per IS 1448 (P-25) 12-14
7 Foaming Characteristic as per IS: 1448 (P-67) Passes
8 Rust prevention capacity as per IS: 1448 (P-96)- Passes
9 Acid value (mg. KOH/gm)- < 2
10 Fluid density as per IS: 1448 (P-16) 0.90-0.99
11 Water Content as per IS : 2362 ( in%) Max. 0.1
12 Fire Resistance Characteristics as per IS 7895- Passes
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