Trixylenyl Phosphate

The Trixylenyl Phosphate is susceptible to formation of highly toxic and flammable phosphine gas in the presence of strong reducing agents such as hydrides. Partial oxidation by oxidizing agents may result in the release of toxic phosphorus oxides. It is used for hydraulic fluids (transferring power in hydraulic machinery), lubricants (decreases friction between surfaces), greases (semisolid lubricants), metal working fluids, polymer preparations and compounds. It is produced and used as flame retardants and plasticizers(1) and hydraulic fluids(2) and tris(2,4-xylenyl)phosphate may be released to the environment. The offered Trixylenyl Phosphate is made available by us for use in the various industries and commercial applications. 

Product Details

Acidity mg


Phosphorus Contents

7.8 percent

Chemical Name: Trixylenyl Phosphate

Chemical Formula: C24H27O4P
Molecular Weight: 410
CAS No.: 25155-23-1
EINECS Number.: 247-677-8


Test Item Method Delivery Standard
Appearance at 30 Visual Clear  & Bright
Colour D-1500 Max. 1.0              
Specific Gravity.20 /20 C D-4052 1.130 - 1.170
TAN  mg KOH/g MAX. D -974 0.05
K Viscosity @ 40 C,CST D- 445 41.4-50.6
R. Index at 25 C D -1747 1.549 - 1.555
Flash Point (COC) C D-92 >235
pH pH meter 4 - 7 When added 2 ml Phosphoric Ester.
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