Butylated Triphenyl Phosphate

'Torgs 46XT' a butyl phenyl phosphate. Triaryl phosphates are widely known as effective, ash less anti wear and mild extreme pressure additives for lubricants and functional fluids. The primary function of triaryl phosphates is to reduce friction and wear in applications where high loads cause boundary lubrication conditions. The Torgs product line offers the broadest range of physical and performance properties tailored for specific applications. The butylated phenyl phosphates are one of several families of products in the lubricant additives product range. Other additives families include trialkyl phosphates, isopropylphenyl phosphates and cresyl- and xylenyl phosphates.

Test Item Method LIMIT (min) LIMIT (max)
Appearance Visual Clear  & Bright Clear & Bright
Colour D-1500 ---- 0.5
Spec. Gravity at 20°C D-4052 1.13 1.17
TAN  mg KOH/g D -974 ---- 0.10
K Viscosity at 40°C (CSt) D- 445 41.4 50.6
Moisture Contents % D -95 ---- 0.10
Phosphorus Contents % Wt. IP -149 7.6 8.0
Air Release Value, Minutes D-3427   6.0
Spectroscopic Examination IR/FTIR Should confirm to Standard Should confirm to Standard
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