Fire Retardant paint (PFC)

TORGS FR paints work in two ways as Fire retardant and Fire intumscent paint, it retards the fire/flame by releasing flame dampening gas and the paint gets charred & swell up when exposed to fire.


Fire Retardant paint (PFC) is known for its excellent heat properties. This range is used for electrical cables. Apart from this, provided range is quite vulnerable to fire incidents. It is suitable for external as well as internal usage. It proves to be very effective as it is used to protect the steel frame from fire. Fire Retardant paint (PFC) is designed for applying on wide variety of surface. It is helpful to prevent fire spreading rapidly.

It has the effect of creating an insulation coating, which protects any material from the heat generated by fire.

FR paints are suitable for interior and exterior use and can be applied on :
  • Wood(all types of wood)
  • Metal MDF or chip board ,
  • Bricks or stone
  • Concrete/ Plaster or plaster board


Product Details




ideal paint with excellent heat resistance properties

Type of Surface Paint


Is It Waterproof


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Paint base type

Oil Based Paint

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