Fire Resistance Hydraulic Fluid (PE)

The offered Fire Resistance Hydraulic Fluid (PE) is fully synthetic Phosphate Ester based Fire resistant Hydraulic Fluid. Firesafe Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid (PE) provides fire resistant under severe operating condition. It offers well anti wear protection for high pressure and high output pumps. The fluids are most often associated with hydraulic systems. In some of these systems, components must operate at an extremely high temperature, which means people will want to use a fluid that does not ignite easily in the event of a leak. The offered Fire Resistance Hydraulic Fluid (PE) is very efficient and made for industrial use. 

Product Details

Packing Size

0-5 Litres



Packaging Type




Chemical Name: Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid (PE )

Synonyms: FRHF


Test Item Method Delivery Standard
Appearance at 30’ Visual Clear & Bright
Colour D-1500 Max. 1.0
Specific Gr. 20°/20°C D-4052 1.130 - 1.170
TAN mg KOH/g D -974 0.05 Max
K Viscosity @ 40°C,CST D- 445 41.4 – 50.6
R. Index at 25°C D -1747 1.549 - 1.555
Flash Point (COC)°C D-92 ˃ 235
pH pH

4 - 7  When added 2 ml   Phosphoric Ester.

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